Support and development


Supervision Policy

There is a comprehensive supervision policy in place which directs supervision practice. Supervision will take place as a priority on a monthly basis for all Social Workers and Team Managers. NQSWs will receive additional supervision as outlined in the ‘ASYE’ programme. As part of the Supervision Policy a contract will be signed by supervisor and supervisee outlining roles and expectations of the supervision.

Reflective Practice Peer Group Sessions

Regular monthly reflective practice group sessions take place across the teams and districts, led by Senior Practice Leads. These sessions are embedded across the service and are available to all Social Workers. They play a key role in supporting and developing practice through sharing ideas, and developing skills, knowledge and confidence in order to improve outcomes for our children and young people. These sessions are in addition to supervision provided by Team Managers.

Role of Senior Practice Leads

Senior Practice Lead roles reflect the principles and ethos of Professor Eileen Munro. Their role focuses on growing and developing social work expertise, championing best practice, drawing on research evidence and encouraging a reflective approach to social work. This approach makes sure we continue to cultivate a learning culture across the service which is embedded through our learning and development programme.

Independent Study Days

As a learning organisation we promote a culture of evidence based practice in which research influences and informs how practice is shaped. Your line manager will ensure a coordinated approach on research topics across your team to maximise learning opportunities and resources.  You will be entitled to two independent study days a year to be taken over four half days. Your learning from the study days will be shared through peer group sessions and team meetings to enhance and develop wider practice across the teams and service.

Service Development Days

Development Days are held quarterly. These are opportunities to promote best practice and provide a forum for collective learning and development to further strengthen practice in key areas.

Team Days

Team Days are valued and recognised as an excellent opportunity to support the development of the team. They are held annually and utilise different and creative approaches to team building, gaining further knowledge to develop practice and developing the team over the next twelve month period.

Social Work Forums

The forums are held three times a year in each district and are led by the Director of Children’s Services in partnership with the Principal Social Worker and Workforce Development. They provide an opportunity for all Social Workers to share their thoughts on any aspect of the service, provide feedback on key issues affecting them and to keep informed about any local and national developments regarding social work practice.

Case Load Management

Whilst we do not operate a specific case management system, all social work cases are allocated and monitored carefully by Team Managers. We make sure that caseloads reflect the experience and skill base of individual Social Workers. We aim to ensure caseloads do not exceed 24 cases wherever possible.